SS Nytran-- Please Help!

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Thu Nov 24 00:34:19 EST 1994

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>Dear All,
>  Over the past years I have successfully used Schleicher & Schuell Nytran.
>About a month ago, our supplies ran out and we purchased additional SS
>Nytran.  Since our previous purchase, Scleicher & Schuell changed the
>formulation of their Nytran (apparently due to patent reasons).  When we use
>this new Nytran with our old hybridization conditions we have significantly
>high backgrounds (very dark at 3 days exposure).

  The "old" Nytran is still available, only under a different name.  It 
was (and is) manufactured by Micron Seperations Inc. of Massachusets 
(Westboro?).  Untill 1990 they sold to S&S which marketted the membrane 
as Nytran.  Now it is called Magna NT and can be bought from MSI 
directly.  Sorry, don't have the phone number handy, e-mail me if you 
can't get it from directory information.  BTW, we still think its the 
most sensitive thing going.

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University of Washington
Seattle, WA

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