Genbank comparison

Marc Goldstein ez001427 at
Wed Nov 23 22:22:34 EST 1994

I typically use the PILEUP program from the Wisconsin GCG package.  If 
you don't have that available at your site, there may be public domain 
programs that can help you out.  I'll try to find out and post their 

Lol Maret (lmaret at wrote:
: Hi Mol biologists,  Does anyone know how to compare the sequence homology 
: between 3 different genes using genbank online?  I have accessed Genbank 
: to search for sequences, but would like to find the % homology for three 
: ADH genes from different plants.  I would appreciate any help or 
: suggestions. Replies may be mailed to me directly or posted. Thanks in 
: advance. Lol :-)

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