Interleukin-1B cDNA Sequence

Nigel Eastmond nce at
Thu Nov 24 04:00:45 EST 1994

Hello all,

Does anyone know if the rat IL-1B sequence is available?  GenBank and
EMBL contain sequences for IL-1a, IL-1ra, IL-1rI and IL-1rII but no
IL-1B, so far as I can tell.  It seems odd that to "trendy" a sequence
would not be in either of these databases, indeed, searching the written
literature also turns up a blank.

In a recent article (Buttini et al (1994) Mol.Brain Res.,23, 126-134)
a sequence for IL-1B in the rat was used.  The quoted source of the
sequence was Institute of Molecular Biology, Glaxo, Geneva, Switzerland.
Since the workers writing the paper were from Sandoz Ltd., Basel, 
Switzerland, it seems that on being approached Glaxo released the 
sequence, providing terms and conditions of use.

We wish to manufacture an oligonucleotide probe for IL-1B in the rat
and would much prefer to design the probe based on a knowledge of the
precise target sequence, particularly since there is a nasty IL-1a with
46% homology to negociate.  If anyone has any advice on how to proceed
with this problem, I would be grateful.  It may be just a case of 
approaching Glaxo, but I do not wish to embarras either Glaxo, Sandoz
or ourselves.

If the sequence is in GenBank and we are just missing it with our
search strategy (interleukin-1*,rat) then I would also appreciate pointers
on how to find it.

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