Mouse chromosomal location blots--NEEDED

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Thu Nov 24 23:24:11 EST 1994

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> Hello,
> I have recently cloned a small PCR product and am interested in quickly 
> determining its chromosomal location in the mouse genome.
> I'm looking for a company that sells southern blots of somatic cell 
> hybrid-lines which contain single mouse chromosomes in a hamster background.
> This would allow determination of chromosomal location with a single 
> hybridization--very quick! Please e-mail addresses or phone numbers of 
> any companies which sell such things.
> Thanks,
> William Rideout

We have had good luck with mapping using hybrid panels from BIOS company,
New Have, Connecticut, USA.  They sell hybrid panels suitable for mapping
using PCR and by the standard southern blot method.

K. Takeshita, NYU Medical Center

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