Protean II glass breaking

Cohen Eric cohenea at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Thu Nov 24 11:56:21 EST 1994

Helloooo....there, protein gel people !

This is our problem:

We do an awful lot of SDS-PAGE work and we use the Biorad protein
electrophoresis Protean II xi system. Sometimes, the glass plates
or even the sandwich clamps that hold the plates break in the middle of
the run. After trying out the cooling systems, we still have this
problem from time to time.

When we approached Biorad with this problem we received a carefully
worded letter indicating that this is an unusual event apparently
happening in our lab and no where else and that they haven't received any
complaints regarding this in the nine year history of the product.

We are looking to remedy this problem and would like to hear from
people who have had similar problems with this system and some of the corrections that might have worked for you. And please do let us know if we
are not the only ones with this problem while using the Biorad system !!

Happy (SDS) PAGING !!!

Eric A. Cohen, Ph.D.
Montreal University School of Medicine

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