What is spermidine???

Paquette Yves paquetty at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Nov 25 11:13:53 EST 1994

pnh at fcs260c2.ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) writes:

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>| I was told that Spermidine helps to cut lambda DNA faster with restriction
>| enzymes.  It would be helpful if anyone knows what is the function of
>| spermidine and if I can make it in the lab/or need to order it.Pl e-mail to
>| padmmv00 at ac.usfca.edu.

>Spermidine is a polyamine which binds nonspecifically to DNA. This will not
>allow your enzyme to cut "faster", but will reduce restriction digestion at
>non-specific sites. You're probably better off buying it from Sigma since it's
>not expensive. It would cost your far more time and effort to isolate it

Spermidine also helps to cut impure DNA, like crude preps from transgenic
mouse tails, with some enzymes, like BamHI and EcoRI for example.
I dont know if it helps with all enzymes.
I dont know why it helps, but I think that it may displace some
contaminating proteins from the DNA.

Yves Paquette

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