G3PD +ve control primers

Timo Hiltunen bltihi at uta.fi
Fri Nov 25 09:31:51 EST 1994

Mr J.S. Erikson (ferret at liverpool.ac.uk) wrote:

: Hi,
: 	I have the mRNA sequence for glyceraldehyde 3 hosphate dehydrogenase
: but this doesnt contain splice site information. Since Im amplifying from
: cDNA I need to know the intron exon boundaries to design my PCR primers 
: correctly. 
: 	Do you know of a published G3PD primer sequence or the intron/exon
: locations???
: 		Thanks,   John

If I understood correctly, you are trying to avoid genomic contamination.
In that case, the primer design is not going to help you, since
there are several GAPDH pseudogenes.

Timo Hiltunen
Univ. of Tampere

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