Protean II glass breaking

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Fri Nov 25 08:22:15 EST 1994

In article <Czs71y.F1o at>, cohenea at ERE.UMontreal.CA (Cohen Eric) says:

>This is our problem:
>We do an awful lot of SDS-PAGE work and we use the Biorad protein
>electrophoresis Protean II xi system. Sometimes, the glass plates
>or even the sandwich clamps that hold the plates break in the middle of
>the run. After trying out the cooling systems, we still have this
>problem from time to time.

>Eric A. Cohen, Ph.D.
>Montreal University School of Medicine

We have the same problem with Biorad´s Protean II xi system.  Glass plats
break very often during sandwich set-up or during the run.  We cope with the
problem by visiting a glass work-shop to cut 50 spare plats for lab storage.

Xiao-Ru Wang
Dept. of Forest Genetics & Plant Physiology
Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sci.

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