best purification of 186bp DNA fragment from agarose

Lauri Lintott llintott at
Fri Nov 25 15:51:14 EST 1994

: >| I am cloning a small (186bp) PCR product. Usually I c
: >| and purify the gel fragments with "geneclean." Their package insert
: >| suggests not using it for less than 200bp. In the old days, I used all
: >| the standard tricks: Low melt agarose, electroelution, mashing up the 
: >| gel slice, etc. I was just wondering what people tihink is the best way
: >| to go about it these days. Thanks.

I have use Bio101's mermaid kit to gel purify a 102bp fragment
from a regular agarose gel.
I have use the  same kit to purify oligos as small as 18 bp from
very dilute solutions.  In either case I thought yeild was very respectable.
I have tried using Gene Clean with small fragments.  It works but
I get poor yeilds.

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