RNases A in sol. 1

Jim Meador meador at agouron.com
Sat Nov 26 21:54:38 EST 1994

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> Hi,
> Several alkaline lysis plasmid prep. protocols have been posted where the 
> first solution (sol. 1, PS1, etc., which is used to resuspend the 
> pelleted cells) contains RNase A.  Does anyone know the first reference 
> for this use of RNases A.  Also, does the procedure work because the 
> enzyme enters the cells and degrades the RNA before the cells are lysed 
> with NaOH/SDS?  I can't imagine that the RNase keeps working after the 
> NaOH/SDS is added.
> Thanks in advance.  Please reply to me, because my subscription has been 
> getting interrupted.
> Liam   

I am pretty sure that the rnase renatures upon KAc addition after
denaturing in the NaOH/SDS solution. It's a tough enzyme. It's also tough
to get rid of. I don't believe there is a reference.

Hope this helps,
meador at cts.com

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