Help with biotin-labeled DNA probes

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Sun Nov 27 23:50:11 EST 1994

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1.  The presence of biotin does not reduce the efficiency of the probe for
     any more than it does for DNA....(that is it reduces the Tm only
     over unbiotinylated probes.
2.  The conditions for probe generation are fine and really should not be
     wrt time and temperature.
3.  It is not necessary to remove the unincorporated biotinylated nts.
4.  Yes use a non charged enhanced nylon such as Magnagraph, Hybond or

You should dot blot your unbiotinylated, denatured DNA that was used to
make the probe and throw this in with your Northerns as a positive
hybridization control.

Have you ever considered switching to a different form of
chemiluminescence such as LumiPhos where the light emission lasts longer
and therefore meaningful long term exposures can be done?

Good Luck and Regards.

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