Belikov belikov at lin.irkutsk.su
Sun Nov 27 21:24:13 EST 1994

     I am looking for an organization which requires fast and
economic synthsis of oligonucleotides and (or) can set up the
processes for manufacturing such a machine according to our
     I have a home-made instrument for oligonucleotide
synthesis, which has been in operation for nearly 5 years. It
provides a quick and economic synthesis of oligonucleotides
according to our standards, using the H-phosphonate method.
I can synthesize half dozen of oligonucleotides per hour!

     The synthesizer has the following principal features:
- one cycle time of chain elongation is not longer
than 30 seconds.
- monomer expense is not more than 5 micromoles per
- solutions expense is nearly 300 ul.
- the reactor volume is 10-30 ul.
- the machine runs in conjunction with an IBM computer.
- the amount of synthesized oligonucleotide (20-25-mer)
is 30-50 A260.
     Comment: I believe that the conditions are not optimal
because all the reagents used were home-made.

     Please, reply to me over e-mail
or through regular mail at the following address:
     Dr. S.I. Belikov
     Limnological Institute,
     Siberian Division,
     Russian Academy of Sciences,
     P.O.Box 4199, Irkutsk 664033
                                        Yours sincerely

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