Protean II glass breaking

Anne Spang spang at
Sun Nov 27 08:09:31 EST 1994

In article <3b4oe7$hlb at>, Xiao-Ru.Wang at
(Xiao-Ru.Wang) wrote:

I think, everybody working with this BioRad cells has the same problems.
The breakage of the glass plates during a run or just during the storage 
(this happened several times to me!!) is probably due to a too strong
fixing of the screws. I diminished my glass breakage significantly by
tipping a little bit the glass plates with the spacers before fixing the
screws. I have nearly no leaky gels and less glass plates broken. I think,
at least for me, that it is in some sort a psycholgical problem. I was
afraid of leaky gels and therefore I fixed the plates to strong which
increased the tension and led to breakage. Another problem, which you
should check, is to make sure that there is no residual polymerized
polyacrylamid in the setup device, which leads to broken glass plates
during the setup of the sandwichs.


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