What is the best nylon membrane?

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Mon Nov 28 17:28:03 EST 1994

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> Hello All,
>   Recently, Schleicher & Schuell changed their nylon membrane composition
> and we are getting high backgrounds. 

Never used their Nylon.... we always use "GeneScreen" by Dupont, I think. 
It's not just nylon, it also has some kind of background reducing
coating.  Works well for use.

 Instead of working out conditions for
> this new membrane, we would love to receive comments from you advising us as
> to what nylon membrane we should use and the hybridization/wash conditions.
>   Thanks very much.

Our conditions for genescreen are identical to the conditions that we use
for nitrocellulose experiments of the same type.  

Mail if you need more info.

> Dan Meier
> dmeier at post.its.mcw.edu

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