Source for Hygromycin B

Danny Altschuler dla at
Mon Nov 28 16:21:46 EST 1994

Brian Robertson (b.robertson at wrote:
: Does anyone know of a 'reasonably' priced source of Hygromycin B? By
: 'reasonably' priced I mean less than the prices charged by Boehringer
: Mannheim (67 pounds for 1g as a 20 ml solution), or Sigma (64 pounds for
: 1g).

: The problem is we use it for Mycobacteria at between 50 and 250 micrograms
: per ml. Therefore we get through it rather quickly....

: Any ideas?

: Brian Robertson

Brian, we use here the HygroB from Calbiochem and works fine. I do not 
remember the price, Sorry. Danny.

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