DNA from paraffin-tissue?

Brian Halloran bghallor at unmc.edu
Mon Nov 28 14:04:02 EST 1994

Can anyone tell me if DNA can be extracted from paraffin-embedded
tissue?  (and no Jurassic Park jokes, please).  I have multiple
samples of tissue that were formalin-fixed and embedded in
paraffin for histology.  

My questions are: 1) can DNA be extraced  2) is this going to
give me sufficient quantity of DNA (don't need much since it's
for simple gel electrophoresis)  3) is the DNA of decent quality.

If you have a protocol, I would appreciate getting some help.
Maniatis/Current Protocols had nothin'.

Please e-mail responses to 
     bghallor at unmcvm.unmc.edu

     Thanks in advance.

     Brian Halloran
     University of Nebraska Medical Center

     P.S.  Go 'Huskers!

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