brazelton anthony d brazelto at
Mon Nov 28 09:43:02 EST 1994

In a previous post I put forth an opinion that the Molecular Dynamics
phosphorimager is superior to the Fuji phosphorimager.  That ill-conceived
post was based solely on the fact that the MD PI has better resolution of
images.  The Fuji PI is in fact more sensitive to weak beta-emissions.  Since
I use primarily 32P, either machine would probably perform adequately for my

The basis of my opinion that the MD PI is superior to the Fuji PI rests on
a comparison of Dot Blot images when considering image quality and 
publishability.  The MD PI yields a nicer picture under similar conditions.

My original post on this matter should have stipulated this fact and it was
irresponsible of me to state blindly that MD is better than Fuji.  For many
users Fuji will suit their needs as well or better than a MD product.  

With apologies to Fuji,

Tony Brazelton

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