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>chengs1 at wrote:
>: A big problem in my work of Southern with Dig system: weak signal and
>: blak
>: background. Sometimes only 30 min exposure immediately after loading
>: Lumiphor530. I tried different concentration of probe but no help. I
>: think it's
>: the problem of BLOCKING. What is the optimal blocking solution? Any
>: sugestion?
>: Thanx.
>: Shuqiu Cheng
I had a problem with high backround the first time I used it, then on 
a recomendation from a friend I cut back the amount of Lumiphos, and it
really helped. I think I used about half the recommended amount, or maybe
less. Have you tried giving them a call? Their technical service people
are pretty good.
Good luck-

Gina Berardesco
Univ. Massachusetts, Boston
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