Is there any inexpensive way to separate RNA from DNA?

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> I am doing plasmid DNA separation from fermention, we are using RNAse to
> degrade the RNA and then get rid of RNA, but the RNAse is too expensive
> and is there any more ecnomical way to do this?

Um... RNase is one of the cheaper enzymes out there.  Are you using DNase
free RNase?  You can do that yourself just by buying the cheap RNase and
heating it.  I think Maniatis has the times and temps.

Besides that there are some techiniques that get rid of most of the RNA
from DNA preps.  One of them that I used to use required a PEG
precipitation step.  Let me know if you want that and I'll dig it out of
my notes and send it to you.


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