UV-light for DNA linking and destruction

Dieter Deforce ddeforce at allserv.rug.ac.be
Wed Nov 30 09:14:36 EST 1994

M O L B I O L (molbiol at cl.nioo.nl) wrote:
: Dear all

: Can anyone give me some explanation as to the proper wavelength for the 
: following purposes:

:  1) DNA cross-linking to nylon-membranes. There seem to be at least two 
: wavelengths in use for commercial cross-linkers 254 and 312 nm. The goal 
: naturally is to achieve the utmost efficiency in binding and high specificity 
: in subsequent hybridization.

It is better to use 254 nm . Just ask your supplier for the UV resistance of
your pippets I know Gilsons are.
Also only use that over nihgt when no one is present.

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