problems in purification of small DNA fragments

Lauri Lintott llintott at
Wed Nov 30 17:01:44 EST 1994

carver cathy (CCARVER at UGA.CC.UGA.EDU) wrote:

: Could someone throw some light on the best possible methods to
: isolate smaller DNA fragments from the agarose gels as we need
: the DNA in sufficient quantities to use it as primers in
: subsequent PCR cycles. 

: Thanks for any information in advance which will save us some nightmares.
: cathy carver
Try BIO101's Mermaid kit.  You need about 5 ul of glass fog/ 1 ug
of DNA.  It is relativly easy to isolate a few ug from a gel
slice - would that be enough for you?  I have used this kit many
times for gel purification of small fragments of DNA (down to 102
bp) and get 50 - 80% yeilds.
I have no affiliations with BIO101 or any other company.

Lauri Lintott
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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