advice on phosphorimager purchase

T Bannor tbannor at
Wed Nov 30 17:20:03 EST 1994

Here are a couple of helpful hints.

1. Always wrap your wet samples with Saran Wrap (the real stuff from Dow).
This passes less moisture than any other wrap and should keep your plate
from being damaged. If you are worried about quenching of the signals you
can use very thin aluminized mylar which may be available from Fuji at
this time, if not, they can tell you where to get it.

2. In these instruments the only thing that 16 bits gets you is the
ability to pull faint signals out of the noise. The Fuji instruments have
a superior signal to noise ratio, which is why they can get away with
using 8 or 10 bit digitization and still get 4.5 logs of linear dynamic
range. A log conversion is done before the signal goes to the A/D
convertor, so the 8 or 10 bit conversion does not decrease dynamic range.
This is born out by the fact that many X-ray crystallographers (they need
excellent signal to noise ratios) that use imaging plate systems prefer
Fuji over the competition. (They also use their own software for data
analysis, so Fuji's software isn't an issue for them).

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