Clogged G-amidite lines

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> Yes, this is a very frustrating problem we have had frequently.  From what I 
> can gather from all the service techs that have visited, the G-phos is just 
> extremely sensitive to ANY amount of moisture, no matter how slight.  One 
> thing we have been doing lately is flushing all the phosphoramidites back into 
> their bottles immediately after the last synthesis of the day.  The logic is 
> not to let any phos sit in the lines as moisture can diffuse across them and 
> cause crystals to form.  This seems to be working well.
> Erik Gustafson

BTW this happens with ABI, Millipore or Cruachem have to
replace the lines if they get clogged...if you need help feel free to
contact me...cheaper than placing a service call to the synthesiser guys...


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