32P into Supercoiled -No way ???

Wed Nov 30 08:51:51 EST 1994

In article <3bcqiv$lpc at infosrv.edvz.univie.ac.at> Thomas Hiesberger <hiesi at mol.univie.ac.at> writes:


>In one of our experiments it would be necessary to label circular,
>supercoiled plasmid DNA with 32 P. At first, it did not look difficult at
>all. But now I am kind of desperate, because I can not think of a proper
>way to do this, apart from making single strand DNA and synthesizing the
>second strand using 32P nucleotides -
           ............stuff deleted............
> But I
>still think there must be a way of labeling I have not thought about. I
>would be very grateful for any idea or advice. 
>Thomas Hiesberger

     Tom, just look into most molecular biology catalogues (USB, Gibco-BRL, 
etc.) and look-up "Nick Translation" or "Random Priming" - they should give 
you a quick description of what you want to do.
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