wizard DNA clean up

Richard Kenneth Bruce Martel richardk at sfu.ca
Wed Nov 30 12:43:40 EST 1994

Howdy people.  Has anyone used either the Wizard DNA cleanup or PCR
preps to isolate a LARGE piece of DNA from a normal agarose gel.
Their 'propaganda' says the systems should be able to handle pieces
as large as 15 or 23kb.  How have they worked in the field?  What
about Bio-Rad's Prep-a-gene?  The piece I want to gel purify is a
10kb fragment from a restriction digest.

One other point.  For those using other Wizard columns, but not
"vacuthingy", try the 'VacMan Jr.'  Its only $20 here in Canada
(better than the $400 for the vacuum manifold).

Rick Martel
Simon Fraser University
richardk at sfu.ca

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