SDS Problem

Lester Young youngl at
Mon Oct 3 20:13:39 EST 1994

Hi, we have a problem with our SDS coming out of solution whilst washing
our membranes.  We hybridise in 5xSSC, 0.1%SDS, with Deinhardts, poly A
and Herring sperm present, at 65C O/N.  We then wash twice with 2xSSC,
0.1%SDS at room temp.  This is where the problem arises.  The solution in
the wash box goes cloudy, with flakes of what look like SDS, but the
solution that's standing at room temp for the next wash, remains clear!

Any ideas what could be happening.  It may be a simple problem, but we're
baffled and we think that it may be affecting the stringency of our


Lester Young
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Hamilton, New Zealand
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