non-isotopic gel shift assays

Klaus Salger salger at
Mon Oct 3 15:16:40 EST 1994

slee at wrote:
: Hi.  Does anyone have a protocol for using a non-isotopic method of 
: doing gel shift assays?  Please direct me to either an article or
: the name of a commercial kit.  If you have direct experience with
: the non-isotopic labeled oligo's, what is their stability--days?  
: month?  at 4 C, -20 C or -80 C?. Thanks for the info.

Boehringer Mannheim sells the "DIG Gel Shift Kit".
BM says DIG-labeled probes are stable for at least 1 year at
-20 C. I don't have experience with oligos but I didn't
notice a decay with labled DNAs or RNAs within more then a year.
(No affiliation with BM...)

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