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Mon Oct 3 13:50:44 EST 1994

In article <1994Oct3.153602.4210 at>, Torben Osterlund <
torben.osterlund at> writes:
> I am searching for companies that sell-, or labs that have, the 
> following protein kinases: Ca2+/calmodulin dependent PK II and 
> glycogen synthase K 
> 4. Does anyone have or know who has these kinases. I would like to 
> use them for phosphorylation experiments (obviously). 

GSK-4 has never been purified to homogeneity.  Try calling Peter Stralfors in 
Lund as he has worked with it.  It's possible Philip Cohen (Dundee)or Peter 
Roach (Indianapolis) have some in a freezer somewhere but I wouldn't bet on 

Cam kinase II is more common and Boehringer might even sell it.

Jim Woodgett

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