receptor cloning

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at
Tue Oct 4 04:31:20 EST 1994


we have isolated a protein which most probably binds to a receptor.
Naturally, I am now thinking about trying to clone the receptor. Not
being an expert in this area, I would like some advice.            
I guess the way to go would be to label my protein with Iodine-132, 
and screen a cDNA library of the tissue where it is most abundant. 
As a preliminary experiment, I could try western blotting (?) and
crosslinking to see if my protein does bind specifically to some 
other protein.
Questions: how does this strategy sound to you ? Could I use another
labeling method (I hate Iodine). What are the chances that this would work,
how long does this take ??? Do you now of any alternative methods
that are idiot-sure, perhaps faster ?

clemens, heidelberg

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