secondary screening after differential display

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Tue Oct 4 00:55:19 EST 1994

pattonaj%phvax.dnet at wrote:
: I've used slot blots unstead of northern as I had lots of "positives" to
: screen and I thought I could get away with less RNA on a slot blot. I've 
: seen other people screen by reverse northern.
: While we're on the subject of DD. Is anyone getting it to work reliably?
: Every "positive" from the sequencing gel that I've rePCRed to date has been
: a false positive in that it lights up in all samples on secondary screening.
: I realise that I need to get reproducible results on the sequencing gel but
: I'm finding that hard, however, careful I try to be. Any suggestions would
: be gratefully received. Many thanks

: Amanda Patton

This is just an idea but maybe using one random 10mer will give you a more
reproducible result.
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