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Tue Oct 4 15:21:36 EST 1994

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara (un691cs at wrote:

: we have isolated a protein which most probably binds to a receptor.
: Naturally, I am now thinking about trying to clone the receptor. Not
: being an expert in this area, I would like some advice.            
: I guess the way to go would be to label my protein with Iodine-132, 
: and screen a cDNA library of the tissue where it is most abundant. 

You cannot be sure that this works; if the receptor is e.g. a 7 TM-helix
receptor, its expression in E. coli will be extremely bad. I don't know
about the expression of Tyr-kinase receptors in E. coli.

I am not sure if one could to expression cloning with oocytes or
something similar...

Good luck!


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