What's the best mini-prep?

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Tue Oct 4 18:14:29 EST 1994

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>> I'm hoping to gather some opinions on what is the best plasmid mini-prep.

> If price is no object, the QIAGEN and Magic preps are great. However, we
> routinely use the "microwave mini-prep" as described in bio-techniques a
> few months ago.  I can send a copy of the protocol if you are interested.
> You can probably get slightly cleaner DNA with the alkaline lysis
> protocol, but it is much more time-consuming and lower yield.

I'm confused. Both of the kits you mention as being faster and better than
the alkaline lysis method actually use alkaline lysis...or did you mean that
the kits ARE the alkaline lysis method? Could you post the microwave method
that you use?

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