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Wed Oct 5 07:45:51 EST 1994

In Article <36to14$4dg at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, SPAGNOL at PLAUTO.CSATA.IT wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>I desperately seek a laboratory manual in the field of proteins which (ideally)

>should be what Maniatis is for nucleic acids.In short it should consist of well

>explained general principles about protein biochemistry and immunochemistry and

>accurate protocols joined in the same book.Does someone outthere know a book
>like that?
>Sincerely ,Giorgio: a molecular biologist who is paying the price of

>    I know of two books that are excellent for theory and practice of
>protein purification, if this is what you mean.

>(1)  Robert Scopes _Protein Purification_.  I have the second edition and
>don't know if there is a third edition.  It is publised by Springer-Verlag
>(2)  Murray Deutscher (ed) _Guide to protein purification_.  This is from
>the Methods in Enzymology series and is published by Academic Press.

>    If anyone knows of any other texts, I would also be interested in
>knowing about them.

>Timothy Bushnell
>Plant research group

Another very good book on the immunochemistry side of things (also contains many
basic protein techniques allied to immunology) is Antibodies: A laboratory 
manual by Ed Harlow and David Lane published by Cold Spring Harbour Press. Very 
similar to Sambrook et al. in approach.

David C. Logan


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