Address or phone needed

Donna Leeper donna at POPGEN.DBS.UMT.EDU
Wed Oct 5 06:29:33 EST 1994


I am currently looking for infomation on cellulose acetate gel
electrophoresis and have a reference citing Helena Laboratories, Beaumont TX.

I am hoping that someone out there would have an address or phone number.

I would also like to get the reference Hebert and Beaton. 1989.
Methodologies of allozyme analysis using cellulose acetate
electrophoresis.  Helena Laboratories.  Beaumont, Texas.  This was
originally cited in Am J Bot 81(8)1004--1012.

I am currently trying to measure genetic variation in a rare plant with a
rather high proportion of self fertilization.

Thanks for any help

Donna Leeper
Plant Genetics Lab
University of Montana

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