RNA hyb solns?

Glen Shearer gshearer at whale.st.usm.edu
Wed Oct 5 16:51:09 EST 1994

JoeJoe (parsons at METEOR.BIOTECH.CDC.GOV) wrote:
: Hello,
: 	I am looking for some alternative solns for Northern Hybridization
: solns--other than the Denhardts/salmon sperm stuff.  I am using nitro-
: cellulose, not nylon, so I can't use the 5%SDS protocol in 8:4 Biotechniques.
: If anyone knows of an alternative that works, please reply.

     Why not the 5% SDS?  We've been using 0.5 M sodium phosphate pH 7.0
(made by mixing mono & di- basic); 5% w/v SDS (the cheap semipure stuff
from Sigma).  Works great with nitrocellulose, nylon, DNA, RNA....

    Regards,  Glen

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