Invitrogen FTP/Gopher Site

Christopher Hoover cdhoover at
Wed Oct 5 16:53:54 EST 1994

To make it easier for researchers to access technical information
regarding Invitrogen products , we have recently set up Internet
Anonymous FTP and Gopher sites.

Invitrogen Gopher/FTP sites contain:

*Invitrogen vector sequences and resrtriction analyses
*Product Manuals for use withe common word processing programs
*Citations for Invitrogen expression systems, vectors and isolation
*Information on new products
*E-mail addresses for Invitrogen personnel

To access our Gopher site, connect to Ògopher.electriciti.comÓ and
click on the Invitrogen folder.

For Anonymous FTP, connect with the following parameters:
User ID:  anonymous
Password:  enter your e-mail address here
Directory:  /invitrogen

We look forward to your comments and suggestions. 
For questions, please contact:
Christopher Hoover
Technical Service
Invitrogen Corp
800-955-6288 ext. 217
619-597-6217 Fax
cdhoover at

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