Glowing BLUE DNA Gels

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Wed Oct 5 16:11:21 EST 1994

P+ Earlier this month I posted an article on the topic of blue gels:
P+ Regarding the on-again off-again thread about glowing blue agarose gels,
P+ I've been following the subject of "Glowing Blue DNA Gels" for sometime...
P+ ...Some people think that the source of the glowing BLUE is fluorescent
P+ additives or whiteners within laundry detergents that may be transferred onto
P+ your hands if you wipe them on your clothes or perhaps someone else's clothes.

S: This may sound stupid (and I have already posted it earlier), but could it be
S: the powder that is present in gloves that is responsible for this Blue colour
S: formation. It maybe possible to do a little experiment.  Touch an agarose gel
S: without prior use of gloves.  Touch another agarose gel after you have used
S: gloves (with bare hands) before washing and after washing it in Pure water. If
S: the powder in the gloves is responsible then you'll see it only after touching
S: the gel after wearing gloves and before washing.  I know it sounds weird, but
S: so is this "Blue Phenomenon".
S: cheers, Shahram Mori

P+ I saw your earlier posting on this. The talc could explain the blue
P+ fingerprints, but what about the entire gel turning blue?
P+ Do you think it's the same thing? -Paul.

S: Maybe that's measured by the extent of the handling the gel. If the gel is
S: touched at several places (or if the gel is semi-wet to allow for the
S: solvation and spread of the powder all over the gel) it will account for
S: the entire gel turning blue.
S: cheers, Shahram Mori

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