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> I may be in the wrong area...   but I want to collect capsaicin from hot
> peppers to add to a cream. For back rubs etc.. I have tryed water but it goes
> rancid very quickly. Isopropyl alcohol seems to weaken the heat of the pepper.
> Could anyone spare the time to explain the hows of this?

	I took a quick look in the Merck Index and apparently capsaicin isn't
very soluable in water at all, the alcohol should have worked O.K., perhaps the
problem was removing the residual alcohol, try acetone.  It's highly volatile
and you may be able to remove it completely from your resulting hydrophobic 
fraction.  The Merck also lists refrences for extracting this compound from
paprika and cayenne, but you may have trouble locating them, their about 100
years old.
Hope any of this helps,

Mark Hughes

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