Beteine and inclusion bodies

Daniel Mytelka mytelka at zenith.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 6 15:35:59 EST 1994

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Rik Myers <RMyers at> wrote:
>Has anybody found that including Beteine in the growth medium
>haelps keep proteins soluble? If so, at which concentration do you suggest
>supplementing the medium? Thanks for your time.

I tried it, and it didn't work particularly well (at least for my protein).
I believe that the paper called for something like 1 mM betaine in the
media along with high concentrations of sorbital (the bacteria will
concentrate the betaine to significantly higher levels in the
hyperosmotic media).

What I would suggest is a paper by Burgess (RR), on the purification
of the E. coli omega protein (Protein Expression and Purification 1:81)
in which he recommends using 0.25% Sarkosyl to solubilize proteins
in inclusion bodies. I have done it with excellent results for three
different proteins.

Dan Mytelka
mytelka at

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