Tritium screens

Richard heath at
Wed Oct 5 14:32:37 EST 1994

I posted a few days ago about the lack of sensitivity in Molecular Dynamics
Tritium screens when trying to get an image of a tritium-labeled protein gel. 
Well, it turns out that the comapany do not intent for theses screens to be
used for this purpose.  *Any* water left in the gel will absord the beta
emission from the tritium --> no image!  The screens were designed for TLC
plates and the like.  While nobody at the company told me to try them for
protein gels, it was not clear from any of their literature that this wouldn't
work, so I tried it anyway!  

So, sorry to Molecular Dynamics for suggesting their screens were no good, and
sorry to anybody who rushed out and brought them!

Richard Heath (No affiliation to Mol. Dynamics OR their competitors)
St Jude Children's Research Hospital

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