Detection of rRNA methylation

B Stickney sticknbd at
Thu Oct 6 13:53:44 EST 1994

In article <199409291916.MAA08294 at>, shamrock at (Donna
Jensen) wrote:
 > I'm trying to find a relatively simple method for direct detection of
> methylated 23S rRNA.  Does anyone out there know of an RNase which cuts
> non-methylated RNA but doesn't cut methylated RNA?  Also, can anyone tell
> me if an RNase protection assay would work for this purpose?
 I don't have an answer to this question, but it reminded me of a
a similar question I've had for some time.  When I do in situs, I
use a riboprobe.  Is there any RNase that will digest double-stranded
RNA?  I've asked a lot of people, and no one ever heard of any.  The
significance of this is that I wouldn't need to bother with gloves
or DEPC-treated reagents after this point if I were sure it didn't
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