Rf: Antibodies to KDEL or kXXkx peptides

LOGAND logand at msdos.montpellier.inra.fr
Thu Oct 6 05:05:03 EST 1994

>Dear netters: I looking for good antibodies that recognizes either MOST soluble
>ER proteins carrying K/H/RDEL tetrapeptide C-termini mottif, or antibody that
>recognizes the ER membrenal proteins carrying the KxxKx mottif.  I am working
>in plant system and
> wish to look what happens to such proteins when i am using antisense plants
>for ERD2 (the putative receptor for ER soluble proteins).
>               Thanks in advance,  Maor

>Maor Bar-Peled
>Plant Res. Lab,  MSU East lansing MI
>E-mail  22693.mgr at msu.edu    .

Contact Richard Napier at HRI, East Malling Kent UK. He has a very good 
monoclonal which is anti-KDEL. His full address is:

Dr R.M. Napier
East Malling
West Malling
ME19 6DE

Tel. (as calling from in UK) 0732 (area code) 843833 Fax 0732-849067

Email is RNAPIER at AFRC.ac.uk (but fax would get a quicker response since I think 
he does not necessarily check his Email daily).

I have used it myself when I was a postdoc there. Epitope mapping carried out 
too on this antibody.

As for the ER signal KXXKX I don't know but would be very interested in the 
responses you get.

David C. Logan

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