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: >I desperately seek a laboratory manual in the field of proteins which
: >should be what Maniatis is for nucleic acids.

I am afraid there is no such book.

:     I know of two books that are excellent for theory and practice of
: protein purification, if this is what you mean.

: (1)  Robert Scopes _Protein Purification_.  I have the second edition and
: don't know if there is a third edition.  It is publised by Springer-Verlag

There is, indeed. IMO this book is an excellent introduction to the
theoretical grounds of protein purification but lacks the practical part.

: (2)  Murray Deutscher (ed) _Guide to protein purification_.  This is from
: the Methods in Enzymology series and is published by Academic Press.

(3) E. L. V. Harris and S. Angal (eds) _Protein purification methods: a
practical approach. IRL press, Oxford, New York, Tokyo.

This book (IMHO) complements the Meth. Enz. volume quite nicely. It covers
some of the more general techniques in more depth (e.g. ion exchange
chromatography) but omits some of the more specialised techniques almost
completely (e.g. hydroxyapatite chromatography).

Good luck!


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