Protein FPLC (HPLC) Systems

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> I am researching the purchase of a new HPLC/FPLC system to be used
> primarily to do routine protein purifications of about 10 mg with
> capabilities to be automated and to be scaled to quantities well in excess
> of 100 mg, but seldom, or never above 1 gram.
Dear Jim,

I am currently in charge of both a Pharmacia FPLC and Millipore Consep
(sold to Perceptive) system for our lab.  We have only had the consep for
about six months.  So far it has worked quite well and been reliable- it
also is quite cheap.  I  have further heard that one can potentially use
the Perceptive Self pack columns with it which will really reduce costs.
It does a couple of things that FPLC doesn't, such as use four solvents.
It only has a few dedicated cartridges availiable, although you can use
some other columns as well.  You have to do a fair amount of screwing
around to get rid of air bubbles, which you get used to.

The FPLC has the very major advantage that one can frequently reproduce
exactly procedures from publications, because it has such a large market
share. It is fairly reliable, although when things do go wrong, replacement
parts are very expensive.  Columns are expensive and the fancy ones (mono
beads or superdex analytical grade) can not be self packed.

I think the market share advantage is a major argument in favor of FPLC- if
you plan to repeat published separations.  It's too bad that things can not
be a strict price performance comparison, because there are likely better
cheaper systems out there.  Otherwise, you could probably save money on a
different system.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to you.
Al the best,

Cliff Beall
Ohio State Biotechnology Center

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