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Fri Oct 7 14:22:54 EST 1994

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> I have been storing RNA samples from both E.coli and Thiobacillus 
> ferrooxidans in DEPC water or RNA storage buffer, 20mM sodium phosphate pH   
> 6.5  1mM EDTA.  The T.ferrooxidans appears to be ok on a agarose gel, but no 
> longer gives good results on a Northern Blot, and I presume this is due to 
> degradation of the RNA.  I store the RNA at -70 C and thaw and refreeze it 
> every time I use it, so this could also be causing problems.  I see some 
> people store their RNA in formamide at -20 C, how do they then get rid of 
> the formamide, when they want to do primer extension for example?  If anyone 
> has any helpful suggestions please could you let me know, I will store my 
> RNA in aliquots to prevent too much thawing and freezing, in case that is 
> the problem.
> Ros Powles
> UCT Micriobiology

hi Ros!
 just precipitate with ethanol as usual (3x volume is OK)...

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