Hot phenol prep, genomic DNA

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> > Does anybody has a protocol for hot phenol preparation of genomic DNA from adherent
> > cells? e.g. CHO, COS cell.
> > Thanx in advance.
> QIAGEN has the QIAGEN Blood & Cell Culture DNA Kit or QIAamp Blood Kit that
> would both work for adherent cells and many other sources.
> QIAGEN Blood & Cell Culture DNA Kit is available for mini, midi, and maxi
> preparations of high MWt DNA and QIAamp Blood Kit is available for mini
> preparations for downstream PCR amplification.
> Both procedures give high yield and purity and do not require any phenol or
> chloroform extractions. QIAamp only takes 1520 min from start to finish
> QIAGENs phone number is 800-426-8157.

make that 15 to 20 minutes

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