How do you measure rat's blood pressure???

Steve Konings skonings at
Fri Oct 7 15:19:15 EST 1994

Stefan Kahlert (UZS13B at wrote:
: Hi everybody,
: Probably there are better groups to post this question (please tell me
: if I am right) but I am used to this group and I like it!
: As I said we need to measure the blood pressure of rats.
: We prefer an unbloody method, maybe measuring at the tail (Riva-Rocci-
: method) but how *exactly* does one do it? Experienced persons needed!
: How do you measure the pulse? How do you apply the pressure to the tail?
: Where do you have this equipment from? Self made?
: Thanks in advance (and please answer by mail)!
: Stefan

Use a very small blood pressure cuff!


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