Sequencing YACS

Martin Leach leach at
Fri Oct 7 12:58:04 EST 1994

Dear netters,

long time no see...
been too busy IRL to surf the net.....have been webbing and mooing though!!!
Ok. what do i want....?

Is their anyone out their that can give me any tips on direct sequencing
of YACS. I have a large YAC (not purified away from yeast genomic DNA) and
would like to know if i could sequence this without subcloning.
We have use of an ABI 373 DNA sequencer and I am wondering if i could use
this to sequence my yac!

Any tips/comments on sequencing YACs would be gratefully received....
Feel free to email....although i will now check up on good 'ol methds_reagnts.


BTW - getting married on new year's eve!!!! to a mad sicilian!!



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