Seeking ELISA plate reader advice

Donald Chun Kit Wong dcwong at
Sat Oct 8 02:18:53 EST 1994

littgj at wrote:
: In article <37063k$3j7 at>, dcwong at (Donald Chun Kit Wong) writes:
: >My supervisor plans to get a Bio-Rad ELISA microplate reader. Does anyone 
: >have any comments or suggestions on their machines? Or any other brands? 
: >Thank.
: > 
: >Donald Wong
: >userDONO at
: >Pathology, UBC
: >
: Our best experiences have been with Molecular Devices units.
: We have not used BioRad but have used most of the others.

Any comments on the SLT and Molecular Devices models? Troubles or good 
features, etc.?

Donald Wong

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