Extraction of DNA from agarose gels

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> | We are currently looking for an efficient and fast method for the isolation 
> | of DNA fragments from agarose gels.  We experienced problems using low 
> | melting point agarose and was looking for a method where one can use normal 
> | agarose.
> | 
> | thanx
> |   Gabre Kemp

Cut band from gel, trim xs agarose..

Make silanised glass wool (Sigma)...by mixing dichlorodimethylsilane
solution with the glass wool (to immerse glass wool). Rinse glass wool
thoroughly with water. Cut 5mm square of glass wool and place in bottom of
0.6 ml tube that has a small syringe needle hole in the bottom of it.
Place 0.6 ml tube in 1.5ml tube (caps removed) and pulse spin to remove xs
water and replace 1.5 ml tube. Place agarose in top 0.6ml tube and spin 20
mins @ 6500rpm. Collect eluate containing DNA.....

Alternative 'freeze-squeeze' - perform above...but in addition freeze the
agarose band for 2 mins on dry ice.

Good luck...

Martin 'I'm back with avengence' Leach


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